Nash Scores First Win; Other Winners Double Up

Nash Scores First Win; Other Winners Double Up

Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday kicked off the season one week later than planned with a card full of double features sprinkled with some surprises. The Bandoleros, X-Cars, and Super X-Cars ran twice each while the Legends and visiting American Vintage Modifieds had qualifying and features.

The first Super X-Car race was lined up from the previous weeks heat races, with the returning Ray Reed on the pole. Reed acquired a car in 2022 and ran select Saturday shows in preparation. The race was slowed by one caution, but he was able to gap the field and lead every lap for his first win of the season. Rookie John Nash of Willington started on point in the second event, and the story was the same.  In a race that went green to checkers, he was able to pad his lead and go unchallenged scoring his first career win.

Dylan Cabral swept both X-Car events, but it wasn’t an easy task. Ryan Magliano worked the outside groove with his Chevy Cavalier for much of the race with Corey Caddick in their newly acquired Acura Integra constantly putting on the pressure. A couple early cautions for some big hits slowed the pace of the race and on one occasion, Caddick got crossed up and had to restart near the rear of the field. Cabral in his Saturn S-Series took the open low line from Magliano with 5 laps to go to win.  In the regularly scheduled event, Chuck McDonald set the pace with a hard charging Rich Nye in his mirror. Nye surrendered the lead to Caddick after a handful of laps before mechanical issues would sideline him.  But once again with 5 laps to go, Cabral overtook Caddick for the top spot to win again. It’s Cabrals first time in X-Car victory lane since 2017.

Defending INEX Legend Car champion Isaiah Newcomb dominated the event leading every lap to start the season off with a win. The race had a couple minor cautions that shuffled the rest of the field around, and near the end Shileigh Martinez was really turning up the heat. She didn’t have enough time to reel in the dominant Newcomb.

Speaking of defending champions, Milania Shilosky swept both INEX Bandolero events of the day. Like Reed, she started the first event on point and never looked back leading every lap to score the win. The second event, after handicapping, she had to start deeper in the field.  Allyha DeSomma led the field to green but didn’t hold on to it for long as Shilosky would once again lead every lap to win.  DeSomma ran a solid third for the first part of the race, reeling in Grayson Day from Saco Maine. She would be okay after heavy contact with the turn 4 wall slowed the event.

Gary Byington won the 25 lap American Vintage Modified main event.



Super X-Car 1 (25 Laps): 1. 87-Raymond Reed[2]; 2. 76-Dave Yardley[1]; 3. 43-William Rheaume[4]; 4. 64-Greg Moran Jr[5]; 5. 24-Sean Skinner[6]; 6. 88-Ben Castro[10]; 7. 10-Mitch Bombard[7]; 8. 20-Patrick Donnellan[16]; 9. 5-John Nunes[3]; 10. 38-Donald “Bud” Kuehne[8]; 11. 12-David Ciastko[14]; 12. 82-John Nash[12]; 13. 2-Caitlyn Desomma[11]; 14. 30-Pipper Beal[13]; 15. 99-Scott Fichera[15]; 16. 58-Marc Shafer[9]; 17. (DNS) 31-PJ Childs

Super X-Car 2 (25 Laps): 1. 82-John Nash[1]; 2. 64-Greg Moran Jr[9]; 3. 24-Sean Skinner[8]; 4. 43-William Rheaume[10]; 5. 5-John Nunes[4]; 6. 76-Dave Yardley[11]; 7. 87-Raymond Reed[12]; 8. 88-Ben Castro[7]; 9. 10-Mitch Bombard[6]; 10. 20-Patrick Donnellan[5]; 11. 38-Donald “Bud” Kuehne[3]; 12. 12-David Ciastko[2]; 13. 30-Pipper Beal[14]; 14. 99-Scott Fichera[15]; 15. (DNS) 2-Caitlyn Desomma; 16. (DNS) 58-Marc Shafer

X-Car 1 (25 Laps): 1. 19-Dylan Cabral[5]; 2. 02-Ryan Magliano[2]; 3. 57-Corey Caddick[1]; 4. 93-Richard Nye[3]; 5. 42-Chris Palamar[15]; 6. 01-Chuck McDonald[7]; 7. 00-Ryan Bannister[8]; 8. 58-Jamie Ventura[12]; 9. 56X-Gregg Sajkowicz[16]; 10. 67-Wade Robbins[4]; 11. 1-CP Burdick[6]; 12. 45CT-Josh Piper[10]; 13. 7-James Trask[14]; 14. 47-Grant Spaulding[11]; 15. 17-Talyn Walsh[9]; 16. 01CT-Keith McDonald[13]; 17. (DNS) 31X-Charles Zukowski; 18. (DNS) 15T-Joe Warren; 19. (DNS) 11-Tim Burgess

X-Car 2 (25 Laps): 1. 19-Dylan Cabral[9]; 2. 57-Corey Caddick[7]; 3. 02-Ryan Magliano[8]; 4. 01-Chuck McDonald[4]; 5. 42-Chris Palamar[5]; 6. 7X-Wade Robbins[10]; 7. 00-Ryan Bannister[3]; 8. 56X-Gregg Sajkowicz[1]; 9. 45CT-Josh Piper[12]; 10. 58-Jamie Ventura[2]; 11. 17-Talyn Walsh[15]; 12. 93-Richard Nye[6]; 13. 1-CP Burdick[11]; 14. (DNS) 01CT-Keith McDonald; 15. (DNS) 47-Grant Spaulding; 16. (DNS) 7-James Trask

INEX Legend Car (25 Laps): 1. 22-Isaiah Newcomb[1]; 2. 33-Shileigh Martinez[3]; 3. 99RI-Richard Helger Jr[5]; 4. 02-Dylan Cote[2]; 5. 78-Jake Silvia[4]; 6. 91-Riley Paul[6]; 7. 15-Scott Kinsman[7]; 8. 88-Tyler Anderson[8]

INEX Bandolero 1 (20 Laps): 1. 99-Milania Shilosky[4]; 2. 19X-Grayson Day[5]; 3. 10-Allyha Desomma[2]; 4. 19-Connor Doyon[3]; 5. 15M-Warren Mattesen[1]; 6. 9X-Landon Coen[6]

INEX Bandolero 2 (20 Laps): 1. 99-Milania Shilosky[3]; 2. 19X-Grayson Day[2]; 3. 15M-Warren Mattesen[5]; 4. 19-Connor Doyon[4]; 5. 10-Allyha Desomma[1]; 6. (DQ) 9X-Landon Coen[6]

Photo by Passing Bird Photography

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