Repeat Winners Highlight Speedbowl Saturday Nights

Repeat Winners Highlight Speedbowl Saturday Nights

WATERFORD – There were a few notable shakeups in the SK Modifieds® 35 lap main event. Paul Buzel launched from the front row to lead the first half of the race, with last weeks winner Eric Berndt and Timmy Jordan hot on his tail.  Jordan attempted several bottom shot moves on the pair but couldn’t make them stick. The yellow flag flew and saw several cars head pit side for adjustments, including Jordan. Buzel lost the lead when the race restarted to Berndt, who pulled teammate Stephen Kopcik by with him. Berndt set the pace for the remainder of the event with his second win in a row, while Jordan dug his heels in and worked his way from the back into the 2nd place position.

It didn’t take long for defending champion Ray Christian III to assert his dominance on the Late Model field. Taking over the lead on lap 3 from polesitter Charles Bailey III, Christian pulled away and for the most part went uncontested. Tyler Chapman’s season debut in the division had him starting deep in the field as he and Josh Hedges would methodically pick their way to the front. Neither driver had anything for Christian who scored two wins in a row, and Hedges was able to hold off PJ Evans to earn a podium on his second visit this season.

Jon Porter led the Street Stocks to green but would quickly get taken down by a strong Ed Gertsch Jr. Defending champion Shawn Gaedeke followed Gertsch to the front of the field and the two set the pace for much of the event. With 9 laps left on the board and very little drama to speak of, Corey Fanning slipped into 2nd from his 6th place starting spot which set the tone for what was to follow. A yellow with 4 to go bunched up the strung out field and when they restarted, Fanning made a divebomb move to rocket into the lead.  Gertsch lost a few positions but held on and recovered for a 2nd place finish. Fanning survived one last restart with 2 to go to win in a borrowed ride.

Marking 3 wins in a row in the Trucks, Brody Monahan was awarded the win in post race technical inspection. He quickly moved into 4th from his 8th place starting position and would ride around, constantly applying the pressure to Randy Burr and Andy Pellegrini. He ultimately crossed the line third.

The Mini Stock event was full of intense battles for the top spot. Defending champion Charles Canfield led the field to green and would immediately go toe to toe with 2021 champion Tommy Silva. Nick Pappacoda threw his hat in the ring and tried to take down both Canfield and Silva, but eventually slipped back after a few restarts. Ultimately Canfield would hang on as Silva would battle mechanical gremlins. Enter Chris Garside. With a restart just under 10 to go, he and Canfield drag raced with a returning Joe Bavolacco in the mix. Garside pulled away from the battle and aced one final restart to score back to back wins.

Isaiah Newcomb launched out of the barrel with the drop of the green, quickly finding himself in second in the Legend Cars.  Dylan Cote led the first portion of the race and traded positions with Newcomb in a fierce side by side battle for several laps. Newcomb took the lead for good on lap 9 and went unchallenged in the caution free event to win his second race this week.

Glen Marion Jr. won back to back Compact Enduro races. More Enduro and Legend Car dates were added to the schedule.

Next up, Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday on June 7th.  Then on June 10th for Speedbowl Saturday Nights, featuring the Northeast Midget Association’s first visit of the season, along with the SK Modifieds®, Late Models, SK Lights, Mini Stocks, and INEX Legend Cars. For complete details, visit, keep up with us on Facebook at The New London-Waterford Speedbowl, or on Instagram and Twitter @SpeedbowlCT.


Unofficial Results

SK Modifieds® (35 Laps): 1. 11CT-Eric Berndt[3]; 2. 47-Timmy Jordan[5]; 3. 11FL-Stephan Kopcik[6]; 4. 81-Todd Owen[8]; 5. 7-Jonathan Puleo[4]; 6. 9-Paul Buzel[2]; 7. 1NE-Dennis Charette[9]; 8. 15-Jeff Fialkovich[10]; 9. 94-Bill Anderson[7]; 10. 72-Adam Gada[1]; 11. 25-Anthony Flannery[11]; 12. (DNS) 2-Troy Talman

Late Models (30 Laps): 1. 93CT-Ray Christian III[4]; 2. 81-Tyler Chapman[9]; 3. 29MA-Joshua Hedges[6]; 4. 12CT-PJ Evans[8]; 5. 94CT-Charles Bailey III[2]; 6. 27RI-Rich Staskowski[7]; 7. 68-Cory DiMatteo[14]; 8. 19-Camdyn Curtis[10]; 9. 0-Joey LeMay[1]; 10. 4-Reese Bogue[5]; 11. 2-Derryck Anderson Jr[11]; 12. 78-Emma Monahan[15]; 13. 9-Keith Scalia[13]; 14. 17-Jason Palmer[3]; 15. (DNS) 67-John C Silva III

Street Stocks (25 Laps): 1. 67X-Corey Fanning[8]; 2. 83-Ed Gertsch Jr[3]; 3. 9-Shawn Gaedeke[6]; 4. 13-Tony Macrino[4]; 5. 52-Al Stone III[7]; 6. 38-Jon Porter[1]; 7. 13RI-Clay Petschke[2]; 8. 30-Jaysin Beal[11]; 9. 56CT-Sean Riley[10]; 10. 21-Tom Musante[12]; 11. 74-Joseph Arena[9]; 12. 22T-Timothy Poulin[13]; 13. (DNS) 1-Nate Taylor; 14. (DNS) 12-Brian Norman

Trucks (25 Laps): 1. 31-Brody Monahan[6]; 2. 6X-Andrew Pellegrini[5]; 3. 19CT-Kyle Gero[4]; 4. 30-Charles Beal[1]; 5. 94-Anthony Naglieri[2]; 6. 33-Jake Coutu[9]; 7. 90-Allen Coates Jr[11]; 8. 98-Shawn Passero[12]; 9. 84JR-Brad Strickland[14]; 10. 151-RJ Surdell[8]; 11. 52-Mercedes Caron[13]; 12. 52CT-Sean Caron[10]; 13. (DNS) 16X-Zach Meade; 14. (DQ) 12-Ed Ryan Jr[3]; 15. (DQ) 32-Randy Burr[7]

Mini Stocks (25 Laps): 1. 83-Christopher Garside[7]; 2. 20-Joe Bavolacco[12]; 3. 6-Nicholas Pappacoda[4]; 4. 25-Charles Canfield[1]; 5. 9-Rick LaFlesh[6]; 6. 31-Tommy Silva[2]; 7. 19-David Dorr[3]; 8. 78-Eric Bourgerois[10]; 9. 28-Erica Canfield[13]; 10. 81-Stacey Zentek[16]; 11. 12-Aiden Sullivan[15]; 12. 42-John Bavolacco[8]; 13. 88-Bill Sylvia[9]; 14. 7-Kyle Wing[11]; 15. 1CT-Jared Roy[5]; 16. 22CT-Brad Caddick[14]

INEX Legend Cars (25 Laps): 1. 22-Isaiah Newcomb[5]; 2. 89-Dylan Cote[2]; 3. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[3]; 4. 05-Dylan Freeman[6]; 5. 77-Dennis Pantani[1]; 6. 91X-Ethan Avellar[7]; 7. 91-Riley Paul[4]; 8. 86-Scott Limkemann[9]; 9. 7X-Patrick Smith[8]; 10. 76-Edward Gomarlo[10]; 11. 15-Scott Kinsman[11]; 12. 26-Sydney Cook[12]; 13. (DNS) 9-Bill Andreozzi

Compact Enduro (Top 3) (40 Laps): 1. 67CT-Glen Marion Jr[12]; 2. 6-Joshua Martin[5]; 3. 50-Derek Armillotto[4]

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