Palamar Scores First Career Win; Rheaume First of the Season

Palamar Scores First Career Win; Rheaume First of the Season

WATERFORD – Trouble immediately in the Super X-Cars sent pole sitter Bud Kuehne and Greg Moran Jr. to the rear of the field. John Nunes would inherit the lead from this and set the pace briefly until a strong Ray Reed took him down on lap 7. However, that lead would be short lived as Bill Rheaume took over the top spot on lap 11. A red flag at the halfway point would fly when Marc Shafer’s smoke turned to fire re-racked the field to give Reed a chance to claw back into the lead but he couldn’t capitalize, giving Rheaume his first win on the season.

A yellow flag on lap 2 offered the opportunity to lead the X-Car race to Tim Burgess. That lead didn’t last long as Chris Palamar would quickly overtake him. Palamar controlled the event while multi-time winner Dylan Cabral slipped into second and would reel in the race leader once lapped traffic came into play. With Palamar holding off a fierce attack from Cabral, Cabral would get caught up in lapped traffic breaking his right rear suspension in the process. Palamar went on to score his first career win while Cabral hung on for a fourth place finish. Dave Gargaro, who as of late has been driving a Dodge Neon, took a Saturn S-Series to second and Corey Caddick landed a podium spot.

The INEX Legend Car race got turned on its head on lap 5 when pole sitter and early race leader Dylan Cote got hooked up with Shileigh Martinez and made contact with the front straight wall. This opened the door for Isaiah Newcomb to take full control of the race for his 3rd win of the Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday season.

Milania Shilosky continued her dominance in the INEX Bandoleros, once again leading every lap en route to her seventh consecutive win of 2023. Allyha DeSomma would immediately run into trouble but kept her car rolling on lap 1, spreading out the field. This gave Connor Doyon and Landon Coen the podium comfortably.



Super X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 43-William Rheaume[7]; 2. 87-Raymond Reed[6]; 3. 88-Ben Pollard[10]; 4. 24-Sean Skinner[8]; 5. 64-Greg Moran Jr[3]; 6. 31-PJ Childs[11]; 7. 10-Mitch Bombard[17]; 8. 5-John Nunes[2]; 9. 82-John Nash[5]; 10. 20-Patrick Donnellan[4]; 11. 38-Donald “Bud” Kuehne[1]; 12. 33-Ray Phillips[13]; 13. 2-Caitlyn Desomma[15]; 14. 12-David Ciastko[16]; 15. 30-Pipper Beal[12]; 16. 58-Marc Shafer[9]; 17. (DNS) 76-Dave Yardley

X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 42-Chris Palamar[5]; 2. 7X-David Gargaro Jr[7]; 3. 57-Corey Caddick[10]; 4. 19-Dylan Cabral[8]; 5. 67-Wade Robbins[6]; 6. 7-James Trask[4]; 7. 17-Talyn Walsh[2]; 8. 58-Jamie Ventura[15]; 9. 23-Brandon Lindahl[11]; 10. 47-Grant Spaulding[3]; 11. 11-Tim Burgess[1]; 12. 01CT-Chuck McDonald[12]; 13. 31-Matthew Tumolo[13]; 14. 71-LJ Alaimo[9]; 15. 56X-Gregg Sajkowicz[16]; 16. 45CT-Josh Piper[14]; 17. (DNS) 1-CP Burdick; 18. (DNS) 02-Ryan Magliano; 19. (DNS) 01-Keith McDonald

INEX Legend Cars (25 Laps): 1. 22-Isaiah Newcomb[4]; 2. 91-Riley Paul[3]; 3. 76-Edward Gomarlo[5]; 4. 88-Tyler Anderson[6]; 5. 79-Adrianna Kimmer[8]; 6. 15-Scott Kinsman[7]; 7. 02-Dylan Cote[1]; 8. 33-Shileigh Martinez[2]

INEX Bandoleros (20 Laps): 1. 99-Milania Shilosky[2]; 2. 19-Connor Doyon[3]; 3. 9CT-Landon Coen[4]; 4. 10-Allyha Desomma[1]

(Photo by Passing Bird Photography)

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