Childs Scores First Win; Newcomb’s Quick Thinking Extends Point Lead

Childs Scores First Win; Newcomb’s Quick Thinking Extends Point Lead

WATERFORD – Bud Kuehne led the Super X-Car feature briefly before getting passed by PJ Childs on lap 3. Childs and Sean Skinner took this opportunity to run away from the field as Kuehne held down the third place position until about halfway. It was at this point when Bill Rheaume and Ray Reed’s battle for 4th turned into a battle for third, with Reed getting the advantage. The race was contested caution free, with Childs a straightaway ahead of Skinner, and the two of them a half track ahead of Reed. Childs’ win would be his first at the track, and our 8th different winner in 10 races.

Ryan Magliano powered outside of Grant Spaulding on the initial start of the X-Cars, leading the way by a considerable margin while traffic sorted itself out behind them. A couple of restarts kept putting Magliano to the test, the second of which would be problematic, and a mechanical issue would take him out of the top spot with Dave Gargaro leading the charge. Chris Palamar would be the next one to take over the lead using the outside groove to his advantage, forcing Gargaro into a 3 wide situation in the middle of Dylan Cabral and Corey Caddick. Gargaro’s car would have a mechanical failure bringing out the caution, giving Cabral the opportunity to track down and relegate Palamar to a second place finish. Cabral’s sixth win of the season extends his point lead to 17 going into the final event.

Riley Paul looked strong in the beginning of the INEX Legend Car 25 lap event, holding off last weeks winner of Shileigh Martinez. On lap 7, Paul would get freight trained by the field as Martinez worked her way underneath him, bringing Zachary Martinez and Isaiah Newcomb by before Paul settled into fifth place. Zachary made the move to the inside of Shileigh that would set up an exciting finish as lapped traffic came into the mix. With the pair side by side, Newcomb would make a bold move down low into turn 1 while about to put a car down a lap, forcing a 3 wide situation where Shileigh would lift to avoid catastrophe. This move allowed Newcomb to score the win with Zachary and Shileigh rounding out the podium.

A drag race kicked off the 20 lap INEX Bandolero feature, with last weeks winner Allyha DeSomma inside of point leader Milania Shilosky. The two were side by side with Connor Doyon in tow for 5 laps until DeSomma got crossed up on the back straight and lost ground on the leaders. A yellow with 3 laps to go when Brady Connors made contact with the outside wall bunched up the field, but Shilosky nailed the restart for her ninth win of the season, with DeSomma rebounding for second.

Ben LaVangie won the 25 lap American Vintage Modified series race.

Next up for Wild ‘n Wacky Wednesday on September 6th is the Bill Roberts’ Championship Night with all four divisions and the American Vintage Modifieds.


X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 19-Dylan Cabral[7]; 2. 42-Chris Palamar[8]; 3. 02-Ryan Magliano[4]; 4. 47-Grant Spaulding[2]; 5. 31-Matthew Tumolo[1]; 6. 7-James Trask[3]; 7. 45CT-Josh Piper[15]; 8. 17-Corey Caddick[11]; 9. 58-Jamie Ventura[14]; 10. 11-Tim Burgess[16]; 11. 00-Ryan Bannister[9]; 12. 01CT-Keith McDonald[13]; 13. 7X-David Gargaro Jr[10]; 14. 27-Talyn Walsh[12]; 15. 01-Chuck McDonald[6]; 16. 56X-Gregg Sajkowicz[17]; 17. (DNS) 1-CP Burdick; 18. (DQ) 67-Wade Robbins[5]

Super X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 31-PJ Childs[3]; 2. 24-Sean Skinner[4]; 3. 87-Raymond Reed[8]; 4. 43-William Rheaume[7]; 5. 88-Ben Castro[6]; 6. 64-Greg Moran Jr[10]; 7. 58-Marc Shafer[11]; 8. 38-Donald “Bud” Kuehne[1]; 9. 5-John Nunes[2]; 10. 82-John Nash[5]; 11. 10-Mitch Bombard[12]; 12. 33-Ray Phillips[9]; 13. 2-Caitlyn Desomma[14]; 14. 30-Pipper Beal[13]

INEX Legend Cars (25 Laps): 1. 22-Isaiah Newcomb[5]; 2. 14Z-Zachary Martinez[4]; 3. 33-Shileigh Martinez[2]; 4. 02-Dylan Cote[3]; 5. 91-Riley Paul[1]; 6. 7NY-Reagan Parent[6]; 7. 88-Tyler Anderson[7]; 8. 24-Rodney Dowless[8]; 9. 26-Sydney Cook[11]; 10. 79-Adrianna Kimmer[10]; 11. (DNS) 14-Bill Andreozzi; 12. (DNS) 14X-Leo Rossi

INEX Bandoleros (20 Laps): 1. 99-Milania Shilosky[2]; 2. 10-Allyha Desomma[1]; 3. 19-Connor Doyon[3]; 4. 00-Jace Chaber[4]; 5. 23-Brady Connors[5]; 6. 15M-Nolan Wright[6]

Images by Passing Bird Photography

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