Corey Fanning Inherits Northeast Street Stock Championship; Van Houten Claws to the Top in Legend Cars

Corey Fanning Inherits Northeast Street Stock Championship; Van Houten Claws to the Top in Legend Cars

As of Tuesday 10/31, inspection results deemed Ryan Lineham’s 19 to be out of spec, awarding the Street Stock win to Corey Fanning.

WATERFORD – 28 Street Stocks from across New England descended on the shoreline oval for the 4th Annual Northeast Street Stock Championship. Last weeks’ battle between Ryan Lineham, Corey Fanning, and Aaron Plemons spilled over into this weeks 50 lap affair. At the drop of the green, Fanning and Lineham ran away in a side-by-side

battle with Al Stone III in their shadow. A couple cautions early shuffled up the top spots but Fanning was able to rebound and take over the lead by lap 10. A caution just short of halfway allowed Plemons to dive into the 2nd place position pulling Tommy O’Sullivan with him, shuffling Lineham back. In a race that finished clean and green to the finish, Lineham was able to reel in Fanning, pass him, and pull away to win by a large margin. At the time of this release, the results are under review.

It was the Championship race for the INEX Legend Cars and it was our biggest field of the season, affording Dylan Cote the opportunity to take down Isaiah Newcomb for the top spot. Nick Bulkeley and Wade Oemcke duked it out for the top spot out the gate. The yellow flag flew on lap 6, where we saw Newcomb enter the pit area putting him to the back of the field. Bulkeley shot out on the restart with Dylan Freeman and Chase Van Houten entering the fray. Freeman didn’t stay on top long as Van Houten made quick work of him, bringing Riley Paul into the mix. A caution near the halfway mark allowed Zachary Martinez to leapfrog from fourth to the lead when a melee on the front stretch gave Newcomb a flat, forcing him to pit a second time. Martinez took over the top spot again, until just 6 laps to go when he went around entering turn 3. Van Houten, now back in the lead, stood in front of a battle between Cote and Paul. Cote was able to clear for second but Freeman was hungry and shuffled Cote back to third. Chase Van Houten scored his first Speedbowl win, and by virtue of his 8th place finish, Isaiah Newcomb swept both Legend Car Championships in 2023.

Andy Skinner and Bill Rheaume were the stars of the Super X-Cars from when the green flag dropped to lap 8 as they put on a spirited side-by-side battle with 2023 Champion Ben Pollard lying in wait. Rheaume finally was able to clear Skinner and set the pace for the field. Pollard and Skinner made contact allowing a hungry PJ Childs to take advantage and roll into the second place position. It wasn’t until the caution flag flew for the first time with just 5 laps to go, that would really affect the outcome. Childs got the jump on Rheaume for the lead and ran off with Pollard putting the heat for second. Childs would win his second of the season.

Seekonk Speedway regular Richie Helger Jr. led the X-Cars to green, but broke loose in front of the whole field. He saved the car from spinning, but got passed by Corey Caddick for the top spot. Dylan Cabral and Cameron Liebal tried to take advantage, but Helger was able to get back past Liebal. Cabral reeled in Caddick and put on a show crossing each other up for the top spot lap after lap, while Derek Gluchacki worked by Helger for 3rd. Like with the Super X-Cars, a caution with 5 to go changed the outcome of everything. Caddick got the jump initially but another caution flew with 2 to go, allowing Gluchacki to upset the field and leave with the hardware.

Long Islands’ Michael Mujsce III won his first career race in the Compact Enduro, Rob Goulet pulled his trusty Camaro out to win the Full Size Enduro, Kelly Prevost reigned supreme in a nail biter of a Ladies Enduro, and Aaron Piper put on a show in the first Truck Enduro in over 20 years. Super X-Car regular John Nunes parked his car on the start/finish line with his trailer on fire to score the Trailer Race win.

Speedbowl regular and 2 time champion Ken Cassidy Jr. won the 75 lap Evolve Pro Truck Challenge race. Randy Burr left the facility as the champion of the touring series.

We’ve got one more on the schedule, the Crowning of Champions on November 4th. 6 of our weekly divisions will go at it one last time in 2023. Keep up with the us at, The New London-Waterford Speedbowl on Facebook, or @SpeedbowlCT on Twitter and Instagram.


Unofficial Results

INEX Legend Cars (25 Laps): 1. 09-Chase VanHouten[6]; 2. 05-Dylan Freeman[8]; 3. 89-Dylan Cote[9]; 4. 91-Riley Paul[7]; 5. 27N-Nicholaus Bulkeley[5]; 6. 03-Derek Gluchacki[15]; 7. 44-Trent Goodrow[20]; 8. 22-Isaiah Newcomb[10]; 9. 10-Kevin Davis[13]; 10. 77-Dennis Pantani[17]; 11. 76-Edward Gomarlo[23]; 12. 26-Sydney Cook[3]; 13. 7X-Patrick Smith[4]; 14. 80-Steven Woytysiak[19]; 15. 29NY-Kendall VanHouten[22]; 16. 15-Scott Kinsman[2]; 17. 14-Bill Andreozzi[16]; 18. 65-Wade Oemcke[1]; 19. 14Z-Zachary Martinez[11]; 20. 4-Brenden LaBelle[12]; 21. 99RI-Richard Helger Jr[14]; 22. 14X-Leo Rossi[18]; 23. (DNS) 16-Sam Macedo

Northeast Street Stock Championship (50 Laps): 1. 11-Corey Fanning[2]; 2. 67-Aaron Plemons[4]; 3. 4-Thomas O’Sullivan[8]; 4. 22-Austin Erickson[13]; 5. 07-Christopher Buffone[28]; 6. 12-Al Stone III[3]; 7. 97-Adam Gray[5]; 8. 83-Ed Gertsch Jr[7]; 9. 36-Corey Hutchings[6]; 10. 74-Joe Arena[12]; 11. 10C-Chris Gomes[15]; 12. 80-Norm Root III[11]; 13. 58-David Ciastko[27]; 14. 56-Ike Chima[23]; 15. 116-Jake Silvia[18]; 16. 56CT-Sean Riley[20]; 17. 9-Daniel Meyer[21]; 18. 18-Matt Clement[10]; 19. 30-Jaysin Beal[9]; 20. 22T-Timothy Poulin[19]; 21. 39-Douglas Curry[14]; 22. 49-Josh Bercham[26]; 23. 7-Charles Beal[17]; 24. 10-Andrew Morin[22]; 25. 33-Mike Caprio[24]; 26. 77MA-Andrew Gillis[25]; 27. (DNS) 3-Adam Coutu; 28. (DQ) 19-Ryan Lineham[1]

X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 19X-Derek Gluchacki[3]; 2. 27-Corey Caddick[4]; 3. 19-Dylan Cabral[1]; 4. 07-Pete Zaikarite Jr[19]; 5. 57-David Gargaro Jr[8]; 6. 99-Richard Helger Jr[2]; 7. 58-Cameron Liebal[5]; 8. 01-Matt Westover[9]; 9. 00-Ryan Bannister[12]; 10. 42-Chris Palamar[17]; 11. 71-LJ Alaimo[10]; 12. 67CT-Ethan Brewster[13]; 13. 47-Grant Spaulding[16]; 14. 02-Ryan Magliano[15]; 15. 01CT-Keith McDonald[14]; 16. 01RI-Jacob Budzyna[7]; 17. 7-Wade Robbins[6]; 18. 13LR-Christian Herman[11]; 19. 31K-Tanner Diamantini[18]; 20. (DNS) 13-Mike Trask; 21. (DNS) 45CT-Josh Piper

Super X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 31-PJ Childs[6]; 2. 88-Ben Pollard[3]; 3. 43-William Rheaume[2]; 4. 24-Andy Skinner[1]; 5. 82-John Nash[5]; 6. 26CT-Paul Gaedeke[9]; 7. 5-John Nunes[4]; 8. 2-Caity Desomma[8]; 9. 10-Glen Marion Jr[10]; 10. 12-Al Ciatsko[12]; 11. 60-Jeremy Marcella[7]; 12. 30-Pipper Beal[11]; 13. 99CT-Nathan Pratt[14]; 14. 33-Ray Phillips[13]

Compact Enduro (75 Laps): 1. 09-Michael Mujsce III[23]; 2. 86-Kyle Corey[32]; 3. 27-Allen Coates Jr[27]; 4. 11-Kyle Johnson[39]; 5. 17L-Larry Darling[3]; 6. 6-Joshua Martin[35]; 7. 73-Paul Thurlow[36]; 8. 4-Caroline Curry[45]; 9. 42X-Eric Williams Jr[24]; 10. 46-John Curry Jr[17]; 11. 88X-Jesse Whitney[41]; 12. 71-Justyn Prevost[34]; 13. 01-Andrew Cooper[29]; 14. 87-Albert Corey IV[21]; 15. 911-Sean Ford[30]; 16. 23X-Edmond Cousineau[14]; 17. 5-Jim Bavolacco[33]; 18. 32-Robert Strange[6]; 19. 41-David Dorr[44]; 20. 26-Steven Talaba[28]; 21. 223-Kristaps Berzins[8]; 22. 3-Dave MacIntosh[9]; 23. 18-Dylan DeCoster[12]; 24. 07-Michael Mujsce Jr[40]; 25. 12CT-Sean Olden[43]; 26. 03-Daniel Morris[1]; 27. 72-Brian Winters[11]; 28. 56CT-Glen Marion Jr[18]; 29. 5T-Tich Minzie[25]; 30. 372-Ezra Spreng[2]; 31. 11X-Tristan Shea[46]; 32. 8X-Timothy Veighey[38]; 33. 18X-Ethan Russell[13]; 34. 01CT-William Lauber[10]; 35. 88-Wade Wilson[7]; 36. 325-Joe Jacobs[15]; 37. 723-Ryan Pecoraro[26]; 38. 52-Mercedes Caron[5]; 39. 21-Krista Zullo[20]; 40. 38-Kyle Czenthe[16]; 41. 97-Andrew Culley[19]; 42. 5CT-Billy Joe Prevost[4]; 43. 42-Justin Whitney[42]; 44. (DNS) 21X-Brayden Aitken; 45. (DNS) 28X-Felix Castro; 46. (DNS) 54CT-Miranda Fugedi

Full Size Enduro (40 Laps): 1. 70-Robert Goulet[3]; 2. 39-Chris Douton[6]; 3. 11X-Daniel Shea III[12]; 4. 5X-John Nunes[8]; 5. 94CT-Justin Lis[9]; 6. 17L-Larry Darling[5]; 7. 10CT-Mitch Bombard[1]; 8. 87-Albert Corey IV[10]; 9. 52-Charlie Caron[11]; 10. 118-Wesley Stedt[4]; 11. 97-Adam Gray[2]; 12. (DNS) 00X-Terry Bombard

Truck/SUV Enduro (20 Laps): 1. 12-Aaron Sypher Piper[4]; 2. 3-Dave MacIntosh[1]; 3. 51-Bobby Voisine[3]; 4. (DNS) 52-Charlie Caron

Ladies Enduro (20 Laps): 1. 723-Kelly Prevost[1]; 2. 21-Krista Zullo[6]; 3. 31K-Abby Diamantini[2]; 4. 52-Mercedes Caron[7]; 5. 37-Rene Pixton[8]; 6. 4-Caroline Curry[5]; 7. 01CT-Christine Robbins[10]; 8. 00-Caity Desomma[3]; 9. 5-Kelly Bavolacco[9]; 10. 54-Miranda Fugedi[4]


(photos by TK Race Photos)

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