Vanesse, Taschereau, Herman, and Reaume claim victories in first day of Speedbowl Finale Weekend.

Vanesse, Taschereau, Herman, and Reaume claim victories in first day of Speedbowl Finale Weekend.


WATERFORD — Colin Vanesse led green to checker to notch his first career win in the Bandolero Division. Miliania Shilosky, Trenton Starkweather, and Ryan Vanesse Jr. traded places throughout the 20 lap feature, each taking turns challenging. At the checkers Colin was followed across the line by brother Ryan, then Starkweather, Shilosky, and Allyha DeSomma rounded out the top five.

Shilosky, who spun with 5 to go while challenging for the lead, recovered to finish 4th allowing her to claim the Saturday Series Championship.


In X-cars, Christian Herman claimed victory in less than a tenth of a second over Pete Zaikarite Jr. The two ran side by side for almost the entire event, with Herman able to just pull ahead coming out of the final corner. Hermans victory gave him the Saturday Series Championship for the X-Cars. Ryan Magliano, Jeremy Parker, and Rich Nye completed the top 5 finishers.


In Super X Cars Bill Rheaume continued his domination of the division, claiming the win and the Saturday Series Championship. He took the lead from Ray Reed on a restart with 10 laps to go and never looked back. Reed would finish second, with Sean Skinner, Devin Tate, and PJ Childs completing the top 5.


In the Vintage Modified division, Mike Taschereau held off a charging Ben LaVagine in a green white checker finish to claim the victory. Scott Quinn was third, Robin Walton fourth, and Paul Jacques came home in fifth.


Speedbowl Finale action continues Saturday with Street Stocks, Trucks, Legend Cars, NEMA, NEMA Lites, and the American Three Quarter Midget Racing Association.



Super X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 43-William Rheaume[2]; 2. 87-Ray Reed[1]; 3. 24-Sean Skinner[8]; 4. 14-Devin Tate[4]; 5. 31-PJ Childs[6]; 6. 78-Jeremy Washburn[7]; 7. 88-Ben Castro[3]; 8. 82-John Nash[10]; 9. 20-Evan Donnellan[5]; 10. 5-John Nunes[9]; 11. 88X-Josh Badach[13]; 12. 2-Caitlyn Desomma[11]; 13. 30-Pipper Beal[12]; 14. 10-Glen Marion Jr[15]; 15. 12-David Ciastko[14]

X-Cars (25 Laps): 1. 9-Christian Herman[3]; 2. 07-Pete Zaikarite Jr[1]; 3. 02-Ryan Magliano[2]; 4. 18-Jeremy Palmer[4]; 5. 93-RIch Nye[6]; 6. 27-Corey Caddick[5]; 7. 01-Chuck McDonald[14]; 8. 42-Chris Palamar[10]; 9. 01RI-Jacob Budzyna[9]; 10. 47-Grant Spaulding[8]; 11. 72-Kevin O’Flaherty[11]; 12. 31-Matthew Tumolo[12]; 13. 7X-Wade Robbins[7]; 14. 11-Tim Burgess[13]; 15. (DNS) 56-Keith McDonald

Bandorleros (20 Laps): 1. 78-Collin Vanesse[1]; 2. 99RI-Ryan Vanesse Jr[2]; 3. 9-Trenton Starkweather[4]; 4. 99-Milania Shilosky[3]; 5. 10-Allyha Desomma[5]; 6. (DNS) 9X-Landon Coen


Photo by TK Race Photo

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